Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Karate Kid?

Sometimes movie remakes are wonderful, and sometimes they are not so wonderful... As you may be well aware, the new Karate Kid movie is coming out with Will Smith’s son as the star. Who knows? It may be a wonderful movie, but then again, it may be just as cheesy as many other remakes have been. For this reason, I decided to check out some interesting movie reviews on my iPhone to find out some other examples of pretty bad movie remakes that have been created over the years.

Among the top contenders are the remakes of Planet of the Apes, Psycho, and The Longest Yard. Unfortunately, many of these bad remakes solidify the fact that the original movie is often much better, no matter how old that it may be. A few other bad examples of not so good remakes are The Stepford Wives, The Shaggy Dog, and even The Pink Panther, despite having Steve Martin as the star. It may be wonderful to see the new Karate Kid coming out in theaters, but I myself am thinking that it would be a better idea to download or rent the older movies and have a nostalgic afternoon. Old movies are good for a reason!

By Sam

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