Monday, March 8, 2010

Kyn Sparks iGarageFloor - No Follow-Up

When the time came to re-do the floors in our office, we thought we had found the right guy: Kyn Sparks with aka  They did a good job, actually - enough so, that we even recommended them to our landlord, and helped the score some more work.

However, when we noticed that a rolling chair with plastic wheels was causing the shiny new coating to wear down, we got in touch with Kyn Sparks and iGarageFloor to see what could be done.  "No problem.", we were told, "be there next week".  So we moved equipment around to prepare for the minor inconvenience while the floor received spot treatment. 

But Kyn Sparks did not show up.  No email, no call.  Calls to see what was happening went un-returned.  Emails were not responded to.

It was as if he disappeared from the face of the Earth.

Ran into Kyn Sparks at the last Parade of Homes - he immediately recalled our situation, apologized, and promised a call to get the situation resolved.  That was months ago.

Gave PolymerGarage Kyn Sparks another shot, tried another email.  Nothing.

The main takeaway from this situation is that, no matter how good of a product or service you provide at the onset, if you cannot back it up after the sale, you do not belong in business.

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