Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gardening for the Springtime!

Yes, spring is upon us, so if you have any type of big plans for the warmer season, you may want to try the Landscapers Companion iPhone app. This gives you some serious information on annuals, shrubs, trees, ornamental grasses, and other landscaping accessories, which was actually recommended to me by my mother. You see, I just bought my first condo with my fiancé, giving me the opportunity to try my hand at my green thumb. I don't know if I will be any good at it, but my mother is absolutely obsessed with her outdoor garden, so I figured that I would trust her opinion.

So far this app has been quite helpful because it has a number of different pictures, including information about growing conditions for different plants. I am making a little plan on the type of plants that I can use in my limited garden space outside of my condo, which will hopefully provide an aesthetic appeal and survive all inclement weather conditions. Wish me luck because I was never anyone that was very plant friendly, but this is my opportunity to use all of this knowledge to my advantage to plant different flowers, shrubs, and even vines.

by Autumn

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