Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who Doesn't Love the iPad?

Why on earth are people signing a petition against the iPad? Around 5000 people gave a digital signature to a petition against the iPad, which is petitioning the CEO of Apple to remove digital rights from the contents of the device. What this basically means is that the digital rights allow Apple to block competing products, disable certain features, delete books, delete news, and other functions without permission from the user. This is something that up to 5000 people disagree with, and they made their statement online.

The bottom line is that is potentially nitpicky when you think of all that the iPad has to offer. Do these people have iPad envy? This is a helpful device that you can use to read a book, download a map, check an e-mail, among a number of other functions. I am more than happy to give it a shot, and my only concern is the need for iPad repair parts since the screen seems so delicate. I have done a little bit of research online, and there are already several popular companies able to repair the iPad, which is a load off my shoulders in case anything were to break on me.

by Curt


  1. People are trying to get Apple up to speed with the rest of the market. Apple still refuses to support mainstream applications like Flash, device multitasking (yea, yea, "virus risk", but since when has Apple ever been afraid of viruses?), and open transfer protocols that ipad users will no-doubt have to "jailbreak" to get. Those 5000 people think you shouldn't have to break your device to get full use of it. They are correct. They are not against Apple, or the Ipad, they are trying to coax Apple into listening to their customers' wishes. How many wishlists have you seen, leading up to the release of the iPad? How many hopeful people immagined great, useful things that would make the iPad the best thing out there? Now, how many of those things came to pass? Only people who care about Apple products would sign a petition to add features to it. They don't have "ipad envy", they envy other devices out there presently that do what they want, and want to stick with Apple. But apple isn't giving them much choice. They will have to buy something else to get what they want.

  2. It appears to me that iPad is crippleware. If I buy a device like iPad then I should be able to surf where I want and download what I want. Same with the iPhone and the app situation, removing apps from downloading because apple deemed them too sexy! What is next, design the ipod so it will beep out any explicit words from songs. So much for freedom of choice... guess one would have to go PC for that.

    By the way I work mainly with Mac's but am starting to second guess that choice. I thought Big Brother would come in the form of the governemnt not my computer manufacturer.

    Freedom of speach and freedom of choice except when apple is concerned.