Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do You Remember The Labyrinth Game?

It is no secret that the iPhone is often used for mindless games, which makes it pretty relaxing, like using a stress ball. One fun game along those lines is Labyrinth, which is a classic game you may recognize. Basically, you will work to get a steel ball through a wooden labyrinth by tilting your iPhone. This actually used to be a live game with a real little ball in the labyrinth, but now you can download it and play it on your iPhone.

Be prepared because there are 1000 different levels! You can download new levels through the game, and there are such additions, like optional 3-D walls that allow you to change your perspective when you tilt your phone. There are also simulations of falling through holes to make the whole thing more realistic. If you feel a little bit intimidated by the old Labyrinth game, then you don't have to worry because there are easy beginner levels if you are just starting out. And there is sound! These are games that I remember you could get from the quarter machine at an arcade, and now they are all jazzed up and fancy in this downloadable iPhone application.

by Ellen

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