Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Party Planning Tips

Christmas is upon us, and if you have family or friends coming over for the holidays, then you may either be excited or pulling your hair out due to the stress. I decided to look up a bunch of different Christmas party planning tips on my iPhone so that it can make your gathering that much less stressful. One of the biggest suggestions is to prepare simpler dishes so that cooking does not overtake your entire day.

Consider making a variety of different snacks for your family on Christmas Eve, or ask everyone to bring a different dish. One very popular and easy dish to make for Christmas that will make you look like a cooking pro is mussels with white wine sauce. You can easily pick up mussels already prepared from the grocery store, and you can cook them over pasta with a white wine and lemon butter sauce. There are many different easy appetizer ideas available for Christmas, but make sure that you feel confident in the dish that you are preparing so that it doesn’t go wrong and ruin your holiday party. Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with your family and friends, and there is no reason to stress out about planning your party or holiday gathering!

by Glen

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