Friday, November 20, 2009

Your iPod Improves Your Fitness

If you are hoping to improve your fitness level and stay in shape for the holidays, then you better get your iPod full of amazing music! Recent studies have shown that listening to the right music will make your workout more efficient. Since you can expect to be ingesting thousands of calories on Thanksgiving day, you can also take preemptive measures against this potential weight gain by using music to help you work out smarter.

It seems that most recently, Nike and Apple have been working together to promote this combination regarding music and exercise. According to research, it seems that runners in London who were running a half marathon enjoyed listening to their iPods or live music when they were running. However, it is important which songs you choose for your iPod because they do need to be motivating and have musicality, association, rhythm response, and cultural impact. This basically means that you need to choose something that will keep you motivated and pumped up when you're exercising, and it is also helpful if it is a current and popular song that you like. The runners in the study also performed better when the rhythm of the song matched their cadence or heartbeat.

by Jonas

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