Friday, October 16, 2009

Katy Perry On Your iPod

I have to admit that I am a sucker for cheesy pop music, but I can't seem to get into Katy Perry for some reason. I do like upbeat pop songs, but her's seem a little bit lame and unrealistic to me. I do have to qualify that with the fact that it did not stop me from downloading some of her songs onto my iPod, but I still am not sure how I feel about them. If you like Katy Perry, then you definitely may like to know that she grew up singing in church, and she got her musical talent from Christian gospel.

That's pretty interesting for someone who sang a song called "I Kissed a Girl". I guess she has changed quite a bit since then! Now she is a number one artist, but oddly enough, the first album that she ever released was also in Christian gospel. Her music is much different now, and you can pretty much see her everywhere - MTV, award shows, you name it. I know many people love her and probably have all of her music on their iPods, but for myself, the jury is still out. Are you a Katy Perry fan?

by Lexi

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