Monday, October 5, 2009

iPod Spa Music Playlist

One of my favorite things about my iPod is how incredibly useful it is. My sister works as an esthetician at a spa, and she was talking to me about how she wants to get some spa music to play while she is doing treatments on her patients. Of course, the music definitely needs to be very soothing and relaxing because it is for the spa environment. Her and I put our heads together, and we ended up creating a wonderful playlist with soothing iPod music that she could play during her spa treatments.

She went so far as to hook up a small iPod dock in her treatment room so that she could easily play all of her music. This is much more advanced than many estheticians because I have gone to several spas where they simply have a boombox with a CD of nature music. This is much classier than that, and all she had to do was get an iPod dock and fill her iPod up with a playlist of soothing songs. She chose music like Dido, Sade, and Brian Eno. She also downloaded different nature sounds, like water, waves, and wind, so that it could be soothing and relaxing for her clients.

by Quinn


  1. that's great ! what songs did you put on te paylist ?

  2. There's nothing worse than going to a spa and having to listen to panpipes! I'm in the industry and have always found great music at Spa Sounds ( They do have some of that new age music but they have some modern spa stuff too. It's great because it's contemporary but it doesn't intrude into the treatment which I find can be the case with some modern music with vocals. I love the Elysian Vibes series. Dolphin sounds should be banned!