Friday, October 2, 2009

Heroes Star Has a Dramatic Change!

I feel a little bit behind on the times because I have just recently gotten into the show Heroes. This is a fantastic show that I am completely addicted to and have been downloading to watch on my iPod video. It is something that keeps me hooked, and I always watch it whenever I have any downtime, which is usually in class if I finish my assignment early. I am still working on finishing season one so that I can catch up, but I am nowhere near up to speed.

I love the character that Ali Larter plays in Heroes because she has such complexity and depth in her role. It's always fun to watch girls kick butt, so whenever I am watching Heroes on my iPhone, I absolutely love watching her. She was recently spotted out and about with a dramatically different hair color - fire engine red! I'm wondering how this is going to fare in her starring role on Heroes, especially since she was a sassy blonde for so long. However, the producers probably know all about this, and for all I know, it has something to do with the plot. Don't tell me anything because I am still on season one!

by Irena

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