Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Duckhunt On The iPod touch

Does anyone else miss the old game Duck Hunt? I definitely do, and I remember playing it on my Nintendo all of the time when I was a kid. Now I can relive those wonderful days anytime that I like because there is a Duckhunt application for the iPod touch. This is something that I absolutely adore, and I am constantly getting made fun of by my friends because I play it all the time.

I don't know what it is about throw back Nintendo games, but they make me feel so nostalgic. That's why I am all about this app, and I want to spread the word because it is so fun to play old Nintendo games on your iPod touch. This game has not really changed much because you still pretty much spend your time shooting at a duck or clay disks, but it's still something that I enjoy. Old Nintendo was really simple, which is something that I miss about it when I play other complex video games. The newer video games obviously have awesome features, but I still miss the simplicity of Nintendo because it reminds me of my childhood. For anyone else who feels the same way, check out this app!

by Nate

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