Friday, September 18, 2009

Phone Calls From The iPod Touch

I am all about the use of my iPod touch, and I recently read this pretty interesting blog discussing how to make phone calls from an iPod touch. I had no idea that was something that you could actually do, especially since it wasn't technically an iPhone. The main reason that I didn't get an iPhone was because I do not have AT&T, and I feel like I have signed my soul away to Verizon. I would like to make a tangent and say how I absolutely hate how cell phone companies have you locked into a contract for two years at a time. It's truly not fair, especially if new technology like the iPhone comes out, and I can even use it.

Anyway, I did read this blog about how you can jailbreak your iPod touch so that you can make phone calls from it directly. This was an option that I considered, but I was really worried about damaging my device. You also do have to get head phones that are compatible to the iPod touch to make this phone call. It seems like a pretty simple process, but I guess I am just nervous about breaking my device. I think that I will do a little research to find out how safe this actually is...

by Chad

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