Wednesday, September 2, 2009

iPod nano Commerical Star Feist

How much do you know about Feist? She sings an awesome song called "One, Two, Three, Four", and it actually was on an iPod nano commercial some time ago. Of course, it is a catchy little tune, and I myself am a fan. All of her other music is equally great, so it's worth giving it a shot on your iPod playlist. Oddly enough, she also has guest starred on Sesame Street, which is always fun to watch. "One, Two, Three, Four" was on her 2007 album The Reminder, and you even have the opportunity to download it as a ringtone to your iPhone. The options are endless!

Feist is originally from Canada, and Feist happens to be her last name. She now is a successful solo artist, and she was a previous member of an indie band called Broken Social Scene. In 2008, she won five different music awards in Calgary, so she is a Canadian favorite by far. The iPod nano commercial featured her song, and that caused it to become popular in the United States and hit number 8 on the charts. This is a big deal for any type of indie musician, especially seeing their song featured in the top 10 on the charts. Go, Feist!

by Frank

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