Wednesday, September 16, 2009

iPhone Blog Time

I have always been an avid reader, and now I am addicted to reading blogs on the Internet. All of my friends call me a bookworm because I always have my nose in some kind of book, but since I have gotten my iPhone, the whole story has changed. I have a bunch of different blogs that I subscribe to on an RSS feed, and I'll usually spend several hours at night reading and catching up on them all.

All of the blogs range on a variety of topics, including environmental issues, fashion, and even family oriented. I don't necessarily have a family yet, but I do like to read about parenting issues in case I ever want a family of my own. Anyway, it's pretty obvious that I just like to read on a variety of topics to make sure that I am well-informed, which is something that I love about the Internet. One of the greatest things about my iPhone is the fact that I can catch up on these blogs anytime of the day whenever I want. Most often, I will read blogs from my RSS feed on my iPhone when I'm waiting for class to start because I do spend a lot of time on campus. So convenient!

by Amber

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