Monday, September 28, 2009

Going On a Cruise!

One of the best moves that I have made this year is planning my vacation for the fall. Of course, this means that I sadly did not have much time off this summer, but when the rest of my friends are putting their nose to the grindstone this fall, my boyfriend and I will be going on a cruise! I feel absolutely overworked and ready for a vacation, which is why I keep obsessively looking up the Carnival Cruise website on my iPhone. The iPhone is a truly amazing device because it allows me to be able to check out websites whenever I want, especially if I have some downtime at work.

Anyhow, I am finding out all that I need to know about our cruise ship, including the fact that they have unlimited sushi in a customized sushi bar! I also have taken the time to book some extra activities for when we dock in Mexico, meaning that we will be able to swim in a beautiful pool by the ocean and go snorkeling. I am just looking forward to some amazing fun in the sun and doing absolutely nothing at all for five whole days in Mexico!

by Michelle

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