Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Glee Soundtrack For Your iPod

If you have not yet noticed Glee on Fox, then you are definitely going to love checking out this musical comedy on primetime TV. First of all, it is going to have an amazing soundtrack that you can download to your very own iPod. So far, we have seen Gold Digger, Don't Stop Believin', and a few other hits. I personally love the musical aspect of this show, which was pretty unexpected to me.

Most of the time, you see musical theater as being pretty boring, but this show gives you the juicy high school elements that you love to watch as a guilty pleasure. This show has all of the stereotypes, the jock, the snotty cheerleader, the dorky smart girl, and even the gay kid in the closet. I can predict that all lovers of the show are going to really enjoy downloading the soundtrack to their iPods because it is a fun twist on many classic hit songs. It is also commendable that they take the time to incorporate such hip music into this show, which is musical theater like I have never seen before. Maybe if high school really was like this, then more people would join the Glee club!

by DJ

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