Friday, August 21, 2009

What's Up With The Next Gen iPod Touch?

It's always fun to speculate, and there are rumors swirling around about the next generation of iPod touch. It is said that it will contain a built-in microphone and also a video camera. These seem like wonderful new innovations, and people are speculating that these rumors could potentially be true. Apple did not comment on the rumors, but we, as iPod touch fans, are hoping that they are correct.

The iPod touch will be updated later in the year, and if it does have a built-in microphone, then it will be so much easier to use any voice applications for the iPod touch. This would enable the device to be used as a WiFi mobile phone so that you could make any type of voice call directly over the Internet, giving similar communication capabilities as to what you would find with the iPhone. Right now, the iPod touch does enable the use of a microphone, but you do need to buy an extra accessory to get that set up. iPod touch users can keep their ears open in September because that is normally when Apple releases their updates. Regardless, it's always exciting to see what type of new technology surrounds both the iPod touch and the iPhone - we are fans!

by Stella

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