Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Old Lady Criminal

One interesting headline that I saw on my iPhone lately was that an 86 year old woman was arrested for the 61st time in her life - shocking! The most interesting part of all was that she was actually caught shoplifting an anti-wrinkle cream, which I am sure that she truly needed by that point in her life. I guess she is not your average grandma because she started out being arrested in the 50s because of stealing from grocery stores. This time, however, is not so fun because she is being held on a felony charge with a bond of $10,000.

Her method of madness was stuffing the items that she stole in her pants to complete the shoplifting expedition. Specifically, she was located in Chicago, and she also tried to take other things on this occasion, like batteries, salmon, makeup, and instant coffee, along with the anti-wrinkle cream. A few years ago she did serve some time in prison for all of her shoplifting issues, but apparently, she didn't learn her lesson because she got caught again for the same crime. I am thinking that her grandkids are probably not too happy to have to come up with this bail amount of $10,000 to get their grandma out of jail!

by Anna

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