Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Must Have iPhone Wallpaper

Are you also a crazy Grey's Anatomy freak? Then that makes several of us, and I can tell you myself that I am so happy that I found this wallpaper for my iPhone! It is always fun to choose a personalized wallpaper that you have the pleasure of looking at on a daily basis, but the only little drawback is that this Grey's Anatomy wallpaper makes me want to daydream about the show and think about watching it every time I see it. That is not very productive when you are at work, but it still is a fun wallpaper have.

I am an enormous fan of this show, and I have even taken the time to watch all of the seasons in succession. No, I am not completely lame with no life, but it was like watching a fun back-to-back movie for weeks and weeks on end. I finally ended up seeing the season finale of season 5, and I am freaking out to find out what happens! I know I may be a little bit behind on the times, but I didn't want to watch the season finale until I had caught up on all of the previous episodes. I am an addict.

by Shannon

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