Monday, August 10, 2009

Mexican iTunes

I am sure that Mexico is as incredibly happy to finally get an iTunes store, and it seems like it is about time for our southern neighbors. iTunes just recently launched in Mexico, and they have millions of choices available for which tracks they would like to download, including many other smaller labels of independent musicians. The iTunes features available to Mexican users also do have some similarities of the iTunes that we know here in the US, like being able to purchase tracks in advance, and the feature Complete My Album.

Furthermore, they do even have The App Store because Apple did launch the iPhone 3G there about one year ago. It seems like Apple is so popular that they are going to be worldwide, and I am sure that Mexico is excited to have these latest advancements, especially since it does include popular Mexican artists. The only down side to this is that so far Mexican iTunes does not offer movies or TV shows, but it does have some choices in podcasts and music videos. The good part is that this Mexican iTunes does also offer some of the more popular Mexican shows, making it a great fit for our neighbors south of the border!

by Stella

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