Monday, July 13, 2009

Yellow Watermelon?

I am a true watermelon lover, and the story goes like this. I had bought myself a large and beautiful seedless watermelon because I truly am getting tired of accidentally eating seeds when I'm chowing down on a watermelon. I cut it open, only to find that it was... yellow. The funny part was that the sticker on the watermelon itself said "Yellow Seedless Watermelon", so I was warned. I had totally disregarded this label because I had no idea that a watermelon could actually be yellow, so I thought maybe it was just a brand name, or something? I freaked out when I saw that the inside was yellow because I thought I had chosen a rotten watermelon!

I looked up yellow watermelons on my iPhone right then and there, and I found out that a yellow watermelon was a totally viable option from Mexico that is pretty popular. Not with me! I had a really hard time eating a yellow watermelon because of the color itself. To me, it tasted different, even though when I ate it with my eyes closed, it tasted the same. I guess yellow watermelons are supposed to be more popular because of their deeper honey flavors, but I don't know if I have been converted yet.

by Elaine

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