Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Today is Pedicure Day!

Getting a pedicure is truly one of the simpler pleasures in life, and today is that day for me! I decided to take my lunch break and reward myself for all of my hard work because you have to do that from time to time. My favorite little pedicure place is, of course, run by Asian men, which makes for an amazing pedicure, if you ask me. The person who did my pedicure last time is named "John", but he doesn't speak any English at all, so I doubt that was his real name...

Regardless, I get to take my sweet time and listen to some new songs on my iPod while I have my feet and legs rubbed and massaged. There is absolutely no better way to spend your afternoon, especially when you come out with some beautifully painted toenails, feeling more relaxed than you usually would sitting at your desk. Pedicures in general give me a little boost of self confidence because I get to look with pride at my flawless toenails for a few weeks until they start to chip. This is the time that I get all to myself where I make a point not to think about anything else, except how much I deserve it!

by Barbara

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