Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Marc Anthony Buys NFL Team?

I am thinking that maybe Marc Anthony is not busy enough with J. Lo and the twins because he decided to invest his big stash of cash from being a famous musician in becoming a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins NFL team. Since I used to live in Miami, I definitely am a fan of the Dolphins, not to mention that is an area with a bunch of Latin flavor, which is probably why Marc Anthony chose that team to purchase shares in. The other famous owner that is a part owner of the team is Gloria Estefan, so it looks like he is in good company with powerful Latin singers in that category.

This was a headline that I saw on my iPhone on the way to work, which totally floored me because Marc Anthony never took me for a person that was a huge football fan. Not to be biased, but he seems to be the skinny metrosexual type and not necessarily the man's man football fan who wants to spend his money investing in an NFL team. That is not too shabby for the Dolphins because, of course, it will garner them support from a whole new demographic - Marc Anthony fans!

by Adam

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