Monday, July 6, 2009

Mac Apps Help Kids Study

I have no recollection of doing my schoolwork a decade ago, other than getting yelled at by my mom to finish it. Nowadays, kids who are Mac users have numerous application options to help them learn to study, learn to test better, and finish their homework faster. Honestly, I can remember the days of using index cards and flash cards to learn vocabulary words, so I guess I was missing out.

The Genius application for Mac users is great because it has a little "+" button which will let you add a series of questions so that you can study easier in one condensed program. After you have added all of your pertinent questions for your subject, you can hit the "Study" button, and it will pop up random questions for you to quiz you and help you study. This would have been so much better than me begging my mom to quiz me with my biology flashcards, so I wish that this application had been around back when I was in school. I guess the next step is to get this as an app for the iPhone so that all of the kids can use it during school. Ah, the luxury...

by Andrew

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  1. There is also Cram for Mac. Cram lets users study for test with flashcards and multiple choice tests. There is also an iPhone counterpart.