Friday, July 17, 2009

Is Facebook an Addiction?

Do I have a serious problem if I am constantly checking Facebook on my iPhone throughout the day at work? Meaning, that I go into the bathroom and take little breaks to say what's up to all of my friends and see what they are up to for the day? Facebook is both a blessing and a curse because at first, I was thinking how silly it is to always update your friends that you are going to the grocery store or watching a movie, etc. Really, do people care? The answer, of course, is yes, because now I am obsessively checking Facebook to see exactly what people are doing at different times throughout the day.

The other issue is the convenience of the iPhone, which makes me able to cyber stalk people, in all technicality. No, this does not mean that I want to kill my friends or steal their identities, but I do constantly check what they are doing to see why they haven't responded to me in a timely fashion. This is definitely far from the olden days when you had one phone in your home, with or without an answering machine, but now there is no excuse because we have Facebook!

by Elaina

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