Friday, July 24, 2009

Faulty Traffic Light Discovered

Traffic is never fun, but there was a specific instance in Japan where a traffic light was faulty for almost 30 years without being discovered. The issue that this traffic light was having was that it was green in all directions of the intersection for a full 7 seconds, and this had been going on for several decades undetected. Apparently, it had operated with this glitch without causing any issues to any drivers, until recently.

One driver was exiting on one side of the light, while another driver was going straight, and they both had the right-of-way because the light was green. This led to a collision, which ended up with a lot of questions when police arrived to the scene. What were the police supposed to do when both drivers had a green light and the right-of-way? I guess neither of them had to be ticketed at the time since they were both in the right, but it led authorities to check out this light to finally catch on that it was going green for 7 seconds in all directions every time. It's pretty interesting to think of how long this went undetected, and how many more faulty light situations could currently be going on in traffic today.

by Miranda

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