Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catching Up On Grey's Anatomy

I am pretty sure that I am totally behind on the times, but for some odd reason I haven't been watching Grey's Anatomy for the past several years. The weird part is that I was totally obsessed with the first few seasons, and then I dropped off in my loyalty, probably because my life got too busy. Then, out of the blue, I have been catching the reruns of the last season on Lifetime, and I am so addicted. It is as if my obsession never stopped!

Don't get me wrong, I am pretty confused because I missed like two seasons of the story lines since I have started watching the very last season again, but the plot lines are still as good with the awesome music that makes me cry and has my boyfriend looking at me like I'm crazy. He is actually a total sweetheart and downloaded the third season for me so that I can watch it on my iPod touch. This is fun because I can catch up on this season that I downloaded while on my lunch break at work, making it a fun little treat to look forward to in my day. That's kind of lame to admit, but it is the truth. Thank God for Grey's Anatomy!

by Sharon

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