Monday, July 27, 2009

The Bachelor vs. Bachelorette

I can tell you that I strongly prefer The Bachelor to The Bachlorette, even though they are, in essence, the same show. Does that make any sense at all? The only difference is that in The Bachelor, it is an all-female cast fighting to win the attention of the man in question. For some reason, as a female, this is so much more interesting to me than watching a bunch of guys trying to get a chick. It is probably because an all girl cast makes for much better television, and guys are usually a lot more mellow and less emotional. This may be a strike for women in real life, but when you are looking for some trashy reality television, then it is much more preferable to watch many emotional women fight over one man.

Also, I feel that the men fighting for The Bachelorette are less believable because most men would not want to go on a public reality show to get a date. This makes me suspicious of the entire male cast and their motivation for being on TV, especially when they purposely try to act more emotional to make the show more viewer friendly. I'm just not buying it.

by Andrea

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