Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why, Coldplay, Why?

I have no idea if this makes me lame or not, but I am a crazy Coldplay fan, like the kind that would scream and tear their shirt and yell "Chris Martin, have my babies!". Well, maybe not that bad, but I really love them and have dreamed of seeing them in concert since I have started to listen to their music. The bittersweet news of the matter is that I heard that they were coming to my area in concert. I figured out when the tickets were going on sale, and I even downloaded more of their music to my iPod so I could listen to a special Coldplay playlist to get me inspired, and then I found out the ticket price...

Coldplay has apparently become bigger than big time because even their bad tickets were $100. I won't even tell you how much front row seats were because it is an astronomically high number that even the biggest Coldplay fan may have a hard time coughing up. The plan was that I would take my girlfriend with me on a special date because we are both lovers of Coldplay, but even to bad seats would run me around $200, which is so much more then I could justify spending, even on Chris Martin. Lame.

by Todd

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