Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Twittering Kills Someone?

There is absolutely nothing funny about a teenage girl dying, but the interesting headline that I saw on my iPhone while I was Googling at work was that she was killed by Twittering. This is probably something that Twitter does not want to hear to soil their reputation, but the incident actually went down because she was using her laptop in a bathtub. I think that this is one of those things that they teach you not to do in school, with electrical safety and all, but that was her demise.

Apparently, she had been on Twitter for a long time, and her battery for her laptop started to die. She ended up trying to plug it in with wet hands, and then she dropped the laptop in the bathtub so that she was electrocuted. Yes, all of the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook can be totally addicting, but let's keep them out of dangerous places please! This is just one of the strange stories that will probably become an urban legend relating to social media sites, but it helps to exercise a bit of caution as to when and where you are using your laptop. Let this be a lesson to everyone!

by Annie

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