Friday, June 5, 2009

My Buds at iPodJuice Chase Scam Worries Away

The repair business can be tough: if you forget to call a customer back, or make a mistake on the evaluation, or a commit a minor billing error, it's oh so easy for a customer to call you a scam and make like a million blog posts or forum shout-outs on how you tried to rip them off.

In reality, this is rare, but when it happens, it's very frustrating for a repair company when it occurs, when you work so hard to do everything write and honestly. The best thing we have learned when this happens. is to just explain what caused the problem/discrepancy in the first place and try your best to resolve it and make the customer happy.

My buddies at the website have really opened up their doors, letting anyone peer in so that any ipodjuice scam worries evaporate. Now, we know the dudes (and dudettes!) at and they are really straight shooters and have a great operation - one i want to emulate.

They answer their phones (and call back if you leave a voice mail), respond to emails, even have a chat function on their site. What's even more cool, is their owner has his own cell phone number on the website. Now, we are not prepared to do that just yet, but we think it is pretty cool that you can make a call directly to the owner if you do not think their Customer Service dept. is getting back to you in a timely fashion.

Oh. And in this press release they did they even are planning to install a web camera. This will be good for customers, but for also sites like mine that want to watch a neat company with a unique business model in action (and maybe pick up a few tips ha ha).

I like the website and their people as they take good care of their customers and other repair sites like ours too when we need the parts or assistance.

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