Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson's Death Affects Twitter

You know that if you are looking for info on anything, then the place to go is Twitter. When the news of the death of Michael Jackson broke out, there were tweets like crazy all about him. So many of the celebrities using Twitter got on board to support his family and tweet that they loved and missed him. Of course, then every other non-celebrity Twitter user in America wanted to add their own two cents and also see what their favorite celebrities that they were following had to say about the tragic news. All of this Michael Jackson related Twitter action actually caused the site to temporarily shut down because of total overload!

There were even so many people searching for Michael Jackson on the Internet to find out about his death that Google temporarily read an error message. Crazy! Obviously, there were even popular Internet blogs that took it too far, like Perez Hilton, who had nasty things to say about Michael Jackson, referring to the fact that he be maybe faking it or making himself sick for attention. Check it out for yourself from Twitter on your iPhone so you can see how many supporters MJ has with the past evidence of the massive Twitter crash in his honor.

by Landon

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