Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bargain Shopping For iPods

This may seem like a totally weird thing to do, but I had a really great idea to check out to see what kind of iPods they had on eBay so that I could get one for my mom. I really didn't have the cash to buy her a completely brand-new iPod, so I thought that eBay was always the best bet when you are looking for a sweet deal. Of course, you don't always get what you are looking for, and the iPod itself was kind of sketchy.

I actually decided to get it repaired online for her before I gave it to her, and she was so happy with the gift! My mom herself is technologically backwards, so it is really funny to see her sporting an iPod everywhere she goes. She'll listen to it while she knits, and while my dad watches TV, so it is the perfect little distraction for her. I knew that she really wanted to get an iPod, but she probably thought it was too frivolous to buy, so that is why it was the best gift. If you are looking to bargain shop for an iPod, then definitely check out eBay, but beware that it may be too good to be true...

by Andrew

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