Friday, May 29, 2009

One More Reason I Like My Job

Let's just say that I am definitely satisfied in my line of work since I have worked at my job for several years. I like all of my coworkers and get along well with my boss, which is something that is definitely hard to come by when you are searching for the ideal work environment. Just recently, my boss decided that it was a good idea to allow us all to be able to listen to our iPods as we work. It is kind of an experimental process see how our productivity improves or if it changes in a way, but for me, it makes my day that much more relaxing since I can just zone out and get my work done faster.

I always know that I have found an activity I love if time just flies by because there is nothing worse than counting the minutes on a clock and wishing for your day to end. Like I said, I already really enjoyed my job, but being able to put on one of my favorite playlists at work really makes time go by so much faster so that it is the end of the day before I know it. I work better being able to focus by myself, so being able to listen to my iPod at work is an ideal scenario for me, and I hope we get to keep doing it!

by Linda

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