Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My iPhone is My Bartender

So one of the coolest things that I like about my iPhone is that I can always access any information, any time, any where. If you too are an iPhone user, then I am sure that you have experienced the same success with looking up, I don't know -- the name of Val Kilmer's character in Willow or what the capital of Maine is. (Answers: Madmartigan and Augusta) My latest iPhone feat has been to make creative cocktails that I have always wanted to learn how to make.

I started by looking up the ingredients for a Mojito, which was fairly simple. My only issue was making the simple syrup because I used so much sugar that it was likely to give anyone who drank my cocktail diabetes. After a few attempts, I had the recipe perfected, and my friends were more than happy to come over and enjoy my bartending skills. I was almost tempted to tell them I did it without the help of my iPhone, but I knew that there was no way that they would believe me. My iPhone is my mistress, after all. I think my next achievement will be another cocktail courtesy of my iPhone. Manhattans, anyone?

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