Friday, May 22, 2009

Music Helps Me Cook

I have always loved to cook and create amazing new recipes based on the ones that I already know. Of course, this was way before the day and age of iPod technology, so now I have my very own iPod touch, which has changed the quality of my cooking forever. Now when I'm in the kitchen, I can put on an upbeat playlist that energizes me and seems to get my creative juices flowing to create and concoct even better recipes for my dinner.

Right now I am focusing on different fusion dishes, like southern Asian styles incorporating barbecue tastes, as odd as that sounds! The truth of the matter is that when I can zone out and focus by listening to my iPod while I'm cooking, my dishes are so much better than they've ever been before. I know that my family is happy because they are really loving all of the new experiments I am creating that they get to taste test every night at dinner. I just have to keep an eye out that I don't make so much food that we all get too fat from trying it! Thank God I use my iPod for working out too because otherwise I would be in trouble...

by Ann

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