Wednesday, May 6, 2009

iTunes Can Thank American Idol

I have to admit that I have definitely become a sad, sad American Idol fan. I never thought that I would see the day, but it is the highlight of my week to see those talented kids attempt to do their best and then get criticized for it every Tuesday and Wednesday night. Sometimes it is like watching a train wreck, and sometimes I feel super jealous. And then there is the intrigue of always seeing how Adam will do his hair! The funny thing that I have noticed lately is how often they manage to plug iTunes by mentioning that you can download any American Idol song easily from iTunes. This must be really good for Apple because you know that there are millions of teens and tweens watching who are just eating this up. I even loved the staged plug for iTunes and iPhones from Matt G. this season who claim to be "just listening to his own song on he downloaded to his iPhone". Clever. As if that wasn't enough to look forward to the snarky criticisms from Simon, I can now download any of these delightful songs from iTunes?? Say it ain't so! But the sad part is that I probably will...

by Andrew

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