Wednesday, May 13, 2009

iPods at War?

The latest iPod news is quite interesting because as it turns out, the US military is actually giving each of their soldiers an iPod touch. I personally think that it's a forward move that our government is supplying our soldiers with such a technologically sound device. I have known several people in my age group who gone off to Iraq, so it's pretty comforting to know that they have the best help available to adapt to combat. But what exactly are they using the iPod touch for? One of the main reasons that they are given this device is because it can help them with routes and maps during combat, it also is a great tool to help with the language and cultural barrier. This is something that can help coordinate an entire military troop in a quick amount of time!

So not only does your iPod touch offer cool apps, but you can be happy to know that is also being used in pretty important situations in protecting our country. I'm sure that the soldiers are pleased to have a great gadget to listen to all of their music on, and even more so, something to help them adapt to their dangerous environment. Apple must feel proud!

by Will

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