Friday, May 8, 2009

Have You Heard of the Baby Shaker App?

I know that if you are an iPhone or iPod touch user, then you definitely are a fan of the variety of applications that are at your fingertips. Addicting. One that actually made the news lately is pretty shocking because Apple pulled it almost right away. It was called the Baby Shaker application (don't quote me exactly), and actually had a baby that was crying nonstop so that you had to shake your iPhone to shut it up. This may seem pretty amusing, but when you put two and two together, it is pretty horrifying because of all the issues with Shaken Baby Syndrome.

There were two schools of thought going in to the argument over this app. One of which was a group of horrified mothers saying that you should never, never, never shake a baby, and the other were people who were loving this app and saying it was just a game and not a big deal. Regardless, this app did not last too long because of all of the controversy surrounding it because of the reality of damage to babies. So where do you stand? Is shaking a virtual baby no biggie, or something you should never, never, never do?

by Aundrea

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