Monday, May 25, 2009

Angels & Demons

Have you all seen that movie yet? I missed seeing "Angels & Demons"opening weekend because I really didn't want to fight the crowds, but I finally saw it and was so happy I did. The only catch is that I saw "The Da Vinci Code" when it came out a few years ago, so I really don't even remember what that was about. I remember the main idea, but all of the plot lines are totally fuzzy to me. I guess the good news is that "Angels & Demons" is a prequel, so I don't technically need to remember the other storyline.

The point of the matter is that this movie was really well done, and I'm not going to give away any plot information, but the ending was way better than I expected! I mean, I thought that it had already ended well, but they did a pretty big plot twist at the end so that it was even more unexpected. Pretty much, you just need to go see it. I am currently working on downloading "The Da Vinci Code" so I can't watch it on my iPod and have it make even more sense to me. See, at least I saw the prequel, so now the original can build on that. Yay!

by Austin

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