Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Treo or iPhone - My Dilemma

Having migrated from the Palm Pilot (circa 1998) to the Handspring (that was a cool logo) to the Palm V (that was a shocking ad to this day) to the Palm Treo 600, 650, and now my 755P, I can't seem to cut the cord on the Palm OS and completely switch over to the iPhone.

I have had the good fortune to own the iPhone and now the iPhone 3G. But try as I might, the Treo 755P is my choice for texting, calendar, contact list, and memos. I just love the keyboard on my Treo, and my fingers just fly over the keys.

On the iPhone, I still haven't mastered the keyboard, and ABSOLUTELY DESPISE the auto-"correct" on the iPhone (is there any way to disable that feature?).

I now use the iPhone primarily for internet searching and a few choice apps (Scramble addict, here), and really don't feel the need to ditch one or the other.

So I carry both devices - one in each pocket - every day. Eventually, however, the dual cell phone bills are going to get to be too much, and I will most likely cut over to the iPhone and stick with it.

How about you - do you know any dual-cell-phone-toting friends?

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