Friday, April 17, 2009

Tax Day Tea Parties

I just wanted to talk a little about the tea parties that were held on April 15th. I attended the one in San Antonio and let me tell you it was amazing. People were there holding signs and chanting USA over and over again. It was great to be apart of this historical day. Now I know people are going to say that this day was not historical in anyway, but I would like to disagree. If you were there you would understand the historical significance of this day. Many people there were participating in there first demonstration ever. The reason this day is significant is because the 15th was the day the average American started to speak up against horrible representation. Many of the protesters were characterized as Anti-Government or Right Wing Extremist, but the truth of the matter is these were just your average American Tax Payers who are just upset about how out of control our current politicians have become. Our politicians are no longer representing our best interest and have been only looking out for themselves. They have lost the idea that we employee them. So my idea is that i hope next time voting day comes around we vote all incumbents out of office. Start fresh, no matter what party affiliation. I would like to hear from others and know what you would like to change about your current Representatives.

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