Sunday, April 12, 2009

Peeps Glorious Peeps

Since it is the Easter Holiday, I have to admit my affection (or is it an addition) to Peeps. They surface around this time of year and Halloween and i cannot help grabbing some. Problem is, i don't like 'em fresh.

I like an aged Peep. One that has been sitting around for a week or so.

Despite some hesitation, i have admitted this to others and have been pleasantly surprised when (some, not all) have agreed with my preference for stale, sugary, chicks and bunnies.

In fact, now when i get some Peeps, I immediately slice open the thin clear plastic and set them aside for at least five days. This gets the outer edges all hard and crispy. I will occassionally check in on my aging little beauties and give them a gently poke, testing their resistance and prodding them to hurry up and harden all at the same time.

Please tell me that i am not alone in this.
And don't worry - i am gently using a screwdriver here to separate my properly prepared Peeps - this ain't no Peep torture video like you sometimes see on the 'net - shame on you, you sadists.

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