Thursday, April 9, 2009

Apple's iPod Sales Have Reached Saturation

According to a recent article, it turns out that Apple has about saturated the market with their iPods. Granted, the statistics that made up this article were derived from the teen market, but teen statistics in music and technology have always given an accurate representation of where the money is, or is not, in some cases.
Overall, 92% of teens say that they own an mp3 music player. That's a ton more than just a year ago. Of these that said they owned an mp3 player, 86% of them claimed to own an Apple iPod! If that's not market domination, I'm not sure what is. The stat that doesn't bode well for Apple is that fact of these teens with Apple iPods, only 19% of them planned to get a new one within the next year. Why is that? Maybe Apple hasn't released anything new and ground breaking enough to grab it consumer's interest? Or maybe they've sold so much to so many people that there's no one left to buy? That's called market saturation.
The good news for us, as an iPod Repair company, is that since so many are not willing to buy a new iPod anytime soon, this just means that there are a large amount of consumers that may be more willing to get their iPod repaired (when/if it breaks). So for now, while Apple's job seems to be complete in this market, our job has just begun and will continue for a long time.

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