Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Treo or iPhone - My Dilemma

Having migrated from the Palm Pilot (circa 1998) to the Handspring (that was a cool logo) to the Palm V (that was a shocking ad to this day) to the Palm Treo 600, 650, and now my 755P, I can't seem to cut the cord on the Palm OS and completely switch over to the iPhone.

I have had the good fortune to own the iPhone and now the iPhone 3G. But try as I might, the Treo 755P is my choice for texting, calendar, contact list, and memos. I just love the keyboard on my Treo, and my fingers just fly over the keys.

On the iPhone, I still haven't mastered the keyboard, and ABSOLUTELY DESPISE the auto-"correct" on the iPhone (is there any way to disable that feature?).

I now use the iPhone primarily for internet searching and a few choice apps (Scramble addict, here), and really don't feel the need to ditch one or the other.

So I carry both devices - one in each pocket - every day. Eventually, however, the dual cell phone bills are going to get to be too much, and I will most likely cut over to the iPhone and stick with it.

How about you - do you know any dual-cell-phone-toting friends?

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Friday, April 17, 2009

The New Star Trek Movie

Now I'm more of a Stars Wars fan than a Trekkie, but I enjoy the voyages of the Starship Enterprise also and I'm really excited to see the new movie next month. I couldn't believe when I heard on the radio last week that some lucky audience in Austin was surprised with an advanced showing! They had announced a showing of The Wrath of Khan but when all the costumed Trekkies had settled into the movie, the film broke and out on the stage walked Leonard Nimoy who had the audience on their feet with the news that they were getting to see the new movie instead! There were some happy nerds that night, wish I'd been one of them! - Lee

Tax Day Tea Parties

I just wanted to talk a little about the tea parties that were held on April 15th. I attended the one in San Antonio and let me tell you it was amazing. People were there holding signs and chanting USA over and over again. It was great to be apart of this historical day. Now I know people are going to say that this day was not historical in anyway, but I would like to disagree. If you were there you would understand the historical significance of this day. Many people there were participating in there first demonstration ever. The reason this day is significant is because the 15th was the day the average American started to speak up against horrible representation. Many of the protesters were characterized as Anti-Government or Right Wing Extremist, but the truth of the matter is these were just your average American Tax Payers who are just upset about how out of control our current politicians have become. Our politicians are no longer representing our best interest and have been only looking out for themselves. They have lost the idea that we employee them. So my idea is that i hope next time voting day comes around we vote all incumbents out of office. Start fresh, no matter what party affiliation. I would like to hear from others and know what you would like to change about your current Representatives.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cool New iPod Technology

I just read about an awesome new technology that is surfacing that may change the way we carry and charge our iPods for years to come. Apparently, there's this new thing called a 'nanogenerator' that will allow us to shake an object to charge it. I've seen this in flashlights, but this is a lot more advanced. You can even charge an iPod by simply touching it - the mechanical energy that comes from the blood flowing through your body will be converted into electrical energy; enough to charge your device! This would be amazing to see first-hand. Wouldn't it be great to know that you're charging up your iPod while taking a run as opposed to draining its battery? Additionally, this is also a great thing for the environment, as thousands of toxic batteries are disposed every day. I'm looking forward to it, and hope to see it in the market soon. - Gene

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Peeps Glorious Peeps

Since it is the Easter Holiday, I have to admit my affection (or is it an addition) to Peeps. They surface around this time of year and Halloween and i cannot help grabbing some. Problem is, i don't like 'em fresh.

I like an aged Peep. One that has been sitting around for a week or so.

Despite some hesitation, i have admitted this to others and have been pleasantly surprised when (some, not all) have agreed with my preference for stale, sugary, chicks and bunnies.

In fact, now when i get some Peeps, I immediately slice open the thin clear plastic and set them aside for at least five days. This gets the outer edges all hard and crispy. I will occassionally check in on my aging little beauties and give them a gently poke, testing their resistance and prodding them to hurry up and harden all at the same time.

Please tell me that i am not alone in this.
And don't worry - i am gently using a screwdriver here to separate my properly prepared Peeps - this ain't no Peep torture video like you sometimes see on the 'net - shame on you, you sadists.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Apple's iPod Sales Have Reached Saturation

According to a recent article, it turns out that Apple has about saturated the market with their iPods. Granted, the statistics that made up this article were derived from the teen market, but teen statistics in music and technology have always given an accurate representation of where the money is, or is not, in some cases.
Overall, 92% of teens say that they own an mp3 music player. That's a ton more than just a year ago. Of these that said they owned an mp3 player, 86% of them claimed to own an Apple iPod! If that's not market domination, I'm not sure what is. The stat that doesn't bode well for Apple is that fact of these teens with Apple iPods, only 19% of them planned to get a new one within the next year. Why is that? Maybe Apple hasn't released anything new and ground breaking enough to grab it consumer's interest? Or maybe they've sold so much to so many people that there's no one left to buy? That's called market saturation.
The good news for us, as an iPod Repair company, is that since so many are not willing to buy a new iPod anytime soon, this just means that there are a large amount of consumers that may be more willing to get their iPod repaired (when/if it breaks). So for now, while Apple's job seems to be complete in this market, our job has just begun and will continue for a long time.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Obama Gives Queen Elizabeth II an iPod

I found an interesting article regarding a certain transaction between our president and the first lady today. It turns out that Obama went to go visit the fine Queen, and he gave her an iPod as a gift! Now, I don't know about the Queen, but I'd be excited to receive such a gift. However, there have been naysayers all over the world shocked by such a display. Many of them have said things like, "What a trashy gift for a president to give the Queen of England," or "Doesn't the president have better ettiquette to offer a present that a kid would want?" Now, I'm not political myself, and I prefer to be non-biased here on our new president, but I'm gonna have to defend him here.
What most people didn't know about this transaction was the fact that the Queen asked for this present! So good call, Obama - and way to deliver on a Queen's wishlist. Now if he could just cover the wishlist of the American people, then he'll go down in history as one of the greatest presidents.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Love of the Game

It is so fun to be able to help people get their ipods fixed. And seeing the look on their faces makes all the behind the scenes stuff worthwhile. I mean, just think of how happy people are when they bring in an iphone that looks like this picuture and walk out with one that looks brand new - AND no loss of their data!

We take great pride in our work here at "Refresh HQ" and you would not believe the amount of detail we spend during the repair and testing phases. All in a day's work I guess!

For more ipod or iphone repairs, take a look at our site and learn more about the process and our fanatical attention to detail.
- Rex

Monday, April 6, 2009

Game Boy iPhone Case

I remember Christmas of 1990 - I was a wee lad of 7 years old and video games were the one and only things on my mind. We had the coveted Nintendo Entertainment System from a previous Christmas and had worn the thing out playing games like Zelda, Punch-Out, Mario Brothers, Maniac Mansion, De Ja Vu, Duck Hunt, Paperboy, and many many more. It was a great time to be a kid and we had no idea what could possibly beat that Christmas. On that Christmas morn of '90, my brothers and I got up at the usual yuletide time of about 5am, and fell asleep by the presents until our parents woke up a couple hours later. When it was finally time to open the presents, I had no idea what would await me in a small box with my name on it. What I thought was a grey brick actually turned out to be one of my favorite gifts of all time - the Nintendo Game Boy. It was a bulky grey hand held gaming device with a monochrome screen and poor sound. But it was the hottest thing on the market and I had it. It came with one game - Tetris - and I was glue to that little screen for the next 12 months.
Fast-forward 19 years, and now I've got an iPhone 3G. With its touchscreen, phone, camera, email, texting, internet, applications, and games it makes the Game Boy look pretty lame. But the Game Boy will always hold a special place in my heart. It must hold a special place in someone else's heart, too, because someone's created a Game Boy iPhone 3g case. I must have it.