Tuesday, July 13, 2010

iPod touch 4th Gen Repairs Coming Soon?!

Well rumours are all over the place about there being a new Apple iPod touch coming soon.  This would be the fourth incarnation of the iPod touch - a huge success for Apple no doubt.

When you look back at the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation iPod touch, there is not all that much difference between the models.  The 2nd and 3rd Generation iPod touch are barely indistiguishable from the outside, and even from the inside when you use the device.

But the new 4th Generation might surprise us all.

Some say it will have a camera, some say two cameras like the iPhone 4.  Most definately it will be able to run iOS4 - Apple's new (if buggy) operating system.

Um, and where's that much-needed iOS4 update, Apple?

Ok, I digress...

The iPod touch 4th Generation repairs that we offer will likely include LCD's, digitizer screens, batteries, and a whole host of other services.  I think the iPod touch 4 will also need to be different enough from the other previous touch repair models AND has to be different enough from the oh-so-popular iPad, since the iPad has definately taken some of those iPod touch sales away.

Let me know when the new iPod touch comes out, ok?!

- Charles

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Worst Diets to Avoid

Most recently, I have been using my iPhone as a helpful weight-loss tool to count my calories. Still, I always have a little bit of curiosity about all of the diets out there that claim to help you lose weight in just a few days. Are they really good for you?
After doing a little bit of research, I found that many of the top fad diets are actually the most unhealthy. An example of this would be diets that focus only on certain food groups and tell you to avoid others. These include the cabbage soup diet, extreme vegan diets, and the Atkins diet. The reason that these are not the best choices is because you need a diet that gives you a variety of nutrients so that your body can thrive, even while cutting calories. In fact, if you are balancing your diet well, you can cut back on calories to lose weight while still feeling your best. The point of the matter is that diets aren't supposed to be easy or instant, so you need to beware of any advertisements that claim such things. The proper diet will give you a balanced nutritional plan coupled with exercise to help you lose weight.
By Chris

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You Can't Beat Free Jalbum

If you are looking for a free resource in photo sharing online, Jalbum needs to be your first stop. You definitely can't beat something that is free, and many customers are raving about the variety of skins available to change the look of your photo album on the website. Even further, many computer illiterate online users have had great success with uploading the pictures and creating a customized album without having to have any tech training whatsoever.

Whether you're a highly experienced professional photographer or someone new to the world of uploading pictures online, this is a wonderful and versatile album resource. What Jalbum will allow you to do is to create a legitimate photo gallery on the website, which also can be uploaded to your own blog or website, or you may choose to share your professionally showcased pictures with your family and friends via Twitter and Facebook with your favorite Jalbum skin. This is a much more aesthetic approach than simply uploading your pictures to Facebook because you have the creative control to make a final album that you will be proud of. And did I mention that all of the steps involved are easy? And free. I have to emphasize that you can't beat it.

By Jake

Friday, June 4, 2010

Watch Out for These Chips!

I have recently been using a calorie counting app on my newly milliamp.com repaired iPhone called Lose It. This has given me a greater perspective on everything that I put in my mouth on a daily basis, often causing me to think twice about my calorie choices. For this reason, I decided to check out some information online about the worst chips that you could eat since I wanted to still integrate chips into my diet a few days a week. What I found was somewhat shocking!

The worst potato chips on the market are the Boulder Canyon Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt chips. They claim to be natural, but they have more than twice as the sodium as many leading brands on the market. Instead, it is better to try a low-sodium alternative, like Popchips Salt and Pepper. Another top choice to avoid is Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream chips, which are full of fried potato calories. Instead, Baked! Lays Barbecue Flavored chips would be a healthier choice with full flavor and barbecue goodness. The bottom line is that you have to think through everything that you eat on a daily basis so that you can make smarter choices while still enjoying delicious foods.

By Brenda

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Is Lady Gaga Making Health Mistakes?

To start, I am guilty of always checking out celebrity gossip on my iPhone that recently got a great repair from milliamp.com, and who isn't? That's why I found out some interesting information about Lady Gaga, and why she may be making some detrimental health mistakes. First of all, she has been observed skipping meals so that she almost collapsed on stage when she was in New Zealand. She claims that she doesn't have enough time in her schedule to eat regularly, but that is a very damaging behavior that could cause serious fatigue.

Lady Gaga also admits to dabbling in drugs and sometimes smoking cigarettes, which still causes harm even if you don't smoke or do drugs regularly. Lady Gaga has also acknowledged having heart palpitations, which she feels are not a big deal. However, doctors recommend that any type of heart palpitations should be checked out regularly because they could be the symptom of a greater issue. The lesson to be learned here is not to let your crazy rock star lifestyle get the best of you, no matter how busy you may be. A full schedule doesn't mean that you shouldn't take care of yourself, eat well, and make healthy choices! Unlike Lady Gaga...

By Jeanette

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can Relaxing Increase Your Success?

I always like to look up little tips and tidbits on my iPhone because it is so tempting. One of the recent words of advice that I found was on a blog that discussed using balance to create better success in your work life. Doesn't that normally work completely the opposite? Most people struggle to maintain a busy schedule so that they can work, work, work, and make all the money.

This idea is contrary to what many people believe in that we need to renew our energy every 90 minutes to perform at our best. This is talking not only about the physical, but also about the emotional and mental aspect. When you rest and relax every 90 minutes, the times that you do work will be much more productive overall. Can you believe it? I know that this is something that would be incredibly difficult for me to do, especially since I am tempted to keep on working, even if I am mentally and physically fatigued. However, this could represent the new model for success to allow you to work long hours through balance and rejuvenation instead of working yourself to death.

By John

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

One interesting app that I found on my iPhone will regulate the amount of water that you drink on a daily basis. So how much water are you really drinking? It is important to keep in mind that drinking water provides so many benefits, including reducing fatigue, improving your skin, and even helping you to lose weight.

First of all, the biggest benefit to drinking water regularly is that it will improve the clarity and tone of your complexion. This means that if you struggle with acne, a dull skin tone, or even dryness, you may simply be dehydrated. Many people don't realize that such a simple solution can be provided by regularly drinking water, but I promise you that as soon as you begin to increase your water intake, you will see a serious difference. This is truly fantastic because it will work to flush toxins from the surface of your skin so that your skin tone starts to look vibrant and youthful. In addition to using the best skin care products on the market, drinking water regularly is nature's little helpers so that you can see even greater results in a youthful complexion.

By Anna